Bedugul, Ulun Danu, Botanical Garden, and Candi Kuning traditional market

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bali mapFrom the Kuta tourist area, you would travel for 1.5 hours to the north which is mountains and there are Lake Beratan, so that cool air. The location of these attractions are on Baturiti district, Tabanan, Bali.

Bedugul, Ulun Danu, Botanical Gardens, and Candi Kuning traditional market are the four tourist attractions are located in the vicinity of Lake Beratan.



ulun danu - beratan lake viewUlun Danu and Bedugul was right on the edge of the lake. You can enjoy the natural panorama of the lake and rent a boat or traditional boat to circumnavigate the lake. But different views will be found in Ulun Danu. There are temples which are usually submerged in lake water.




botanical garden

Above is one point of view in the Botanical Garden. There you find a spacious garden with a diversity of plants which are used as tourist attractions and also for the world of educational research related to the environment.

candi kuning traditional market

As the name, Candi Kuning traditional market is market located adjacent to the three attractions mentioned above. Visitors are usually interested to stopping to buy fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, and seeds of plants that are sold there.

After looking for some references on the internet, I found cheap lodgings in the vicinity of these attractions. This information would be very useful for budget tourist.


There are several small and affordable guesthouses in Bedugul and budget travellers often just turn up without bookings.

  • Ashram Guest House, phone +62 362 21042. Great location for budget accommodation close to Lake Bratan. The standard is very basic though. Notable for being very cold – take a blanket! About Rp 60,000.
  • Guru Ratna Homestay, Munduk (200 metres from the market in Munduk), phone +62 813 38526092. Charming and very good value accommodation in an atractive rural mountain setting. Consists of five colonial Dutch style houses with great valley views. Environmental concerns taken very seriously here. Rp 150,000.
  • Ibu Hadi Homestay, JI Kebun Raya, Bedugul (close to the traditional market on the way down towards Lake Beratan). Basic accommodation in a three storey homestay. Small restaurant. About Rp 80,000.
  • Penginapan Cempaka, (on the entrance road to the Botanical Gardens), phone +62 362 21042. Simple, clean guesthouse accommodation close to the entrance to the botanical gardens. Rp 70,000.
  • Sari Artha Inn, phone +62 368 21011. Simple rooms on the main road between the market and Lake Bratan. The local Perama bus office is here. Rp 100,000.

Cheap accomodation source: Food of country.

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