Where to Buy Affordable Jewelry?

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You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on designer jewelry in order to look trendy all the time. Thanks to modern technology, people can now start their own jewelry business from home and craft some incredible pieces that can be very affordable.

The online jewelry market generated nearly $8.4 billion in 2019 and experienced a slight drop in 2020 to $7.6 billion. With that said, it is still one of the biggest online markets in terms of apparel and many new companies are emerging that offer high-quality pieces for affordable prices.

There are different ways you can shop jewelry and in today’s article, we will highlight some of the best ways that will enable you to get high-quality jewelry for affordable prices.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a great way to find custom-made jewelry for very cheap prices. A subscription box is a model that lets you subscribe for a monthly fee and receive products every month.

This is great just because most subscription box companies have fashion experts that follow the latest fashion trends.

It means that you’ll receive trendy jewelry every month without doing any research or going to your local store.

Another great thing about subscription boxes is their affordability. Most subscription boxes offer great value for a price usually much cheaper than retail prices.

Jewelry Renting

Some subscription boxes work in a unique way letting you rent out designer jewelry for as cheap as $20 per month. This means that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on branded jewelry since you can rent out for a monthly fee and always have different styles.

Here are some of the best jewelry subscription boxes in 2021 to go for.


This is a jewelry rental service that will send you expensive jewelry from a variety of brands only for $21 per month with free shipping.

Customers can choose what they want to receive or let designers surprise them with a unique collection.

Emma & Chloe

This is a subscription box company that specializes in French jewelry. All of their pieces are made from high-quality materials and each is beautifully packed delivered right to your doorstep. This subscription will cost you only $35 per month.


If you want more detailed pick and help from designers then Justfab is the right subscription box for you. It is a women’s fashion subscription that selects curated looks based on your preferences. The best thing is that all of the pieces are almost 40% off retail prices.

If you want to check out more jewelry subscription boxes, make sure you visit FiveBoxes.


As we mentioned before, the global jewelry market is expanding over the years and thanks to technology now designers can manufacture and sell their custom-made jewelry anywhere in the world.

Social media platforms are flooded with DIY jewelry projects from designers and it is one of the best ways to get something unique. Buying jewelry from designers can be very affordable, especially if you find someone that is just starting with this business.

You can find some incredibly high-quality pieces that are one social media search away that look unique for a very affordable price.

Online Shopping

If this is not enough for you, you can still purchase your jewelry from online websites. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites that specialize in selling trendy jewelry pieces and you can get some great pieces for as much as $30.

Online websites also have huge discounts especially for big events such as black Friday. With that said, make sure you are dealing with legitimate business just because most jewelry stores sell products from third-party manufacturers (usually China). A great way to find whether or not you are dealing with a legitimate company is by searching by image on Google. You can drop an image from the website on Google and see if someone else is using the same image.

Buy high-quality jewelry for affordable prices
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