Chatwing: A Simple Way of Use [Tutorial]

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Chatwing provide chat room service that you can add on your website with free. Available many interesting template that you can use directly.

Using a chatroom nowadays is one of the most ideal ways of chatting with friends or finding new ones. However, looking a chatroom that’s intended only for you and the people you’ve chosen to chat with is rare. The best solution for this is making a chatroom using Chatwing chat software and inviting your friends over. Chatwing is a tool that has many features like the Privacy options that will make sure only the people you want can chat inside.

Making a Chatwing chatroom is very easy. And the same could be said in using it. Here’s a simple tutorial as to how you can do just that.

Create a Chatwing Account

Go to Chatwing’s homepage and press the Register button. It will supply you with a registration form for you to fill up. Just type in a valid email address and the password for your Chatwing account and check the two boxes below it to finish this task.

Chatwing - Register
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If you’re redirected to the Dashboard page after pressing the Register button located below the form, it means the creation of your account was a success.


Chatwing allows the creation of multiple chatrooms and you’re able to see all of them here, in the Dashboard page. Creating your chatbox is also done here. To head for the next step, you need to do one of the two:

A: Create a chatbox by pressing the Create chatbox button on the upper right corner of the Dashboard.
B: Choose the chatbox already supplied to you (provided you checked all the boxes in the registration form) and press the Customize button.

Chatwing - Dashboard
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Either way, you’ll be headed to the Customization panel.


Before using the chatbox, you must first modify it to make chatting with your friends much more enjoyable. Chatwing’s customization options are vast, allowing you to create unique chatrooms with ease. Also, most of Chatwing’s features, like the Privacy methods, can be found and utilized here. The customization process is separated into tabs, which makes it easier for you to change a certain part of the chatbox without having to go through the whole process again.

Just take note of the Save buttons that are placed on the upper and bottom part of every tab. You need to press those each time you make changes on the previous settings of your chatbox.

Chatwing - Customize
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After customizing the chatbox, press the Use button found on top of the Customization panel.


Usage of this site varies in its user. Since you’re just using it to chat with your friends, the easiest way would be to choose Group Chat URL in the Embedding Page.

Chatwing - Group Chat
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You can see the URL of your chatbox there. All you need to do is copy that link and paste it in your browser. Wait for a moment until your chatbox loads and then you can start chatting. Inviting your friends is as easy as giving them the link for your chatbox. If you’ve set Privacy feature, then you need to tell them the password for your chatbox for them to join the conversation too.

Chatwing - Group Chat Done
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Managing the Chatbox

Chatwing is very easy to manage. Aside from its Privacy functions, its Security functions further enforces your control over the chatroom. If by chance, someone might enter and you want that person out, you can easily do so with a click of a mouse button. The same could be said in deleting all their messages.

Your friends will surely love using Chatwing and so will you. This chatting tool will continue on connecting people with each other, providing them with the best chatting experience.

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