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Online competition is about who has the largest network and who generates the most traffic. For a starter, it might seem a daunting task to begin with since a lot of websites and blogs are already competing online. Well, giving up or losing hope is not an option since there are competent tools available online to help you get on with the competition.


So you’ve set up your blog and have given it a title that says what your site is all about. Next step will be posting sensible articles with attractive photos to attract visitors. Then embed Chatwing chat app to effectively engage more web surfers. Chatwing offers users ease of use and access making it an effective communication tool. It is equipped with features that will help you increase web traffic and achieve global connectivity easily.

It is important that you start conversations with interesting topics and worthwhile issues. With Chatwing chat box you can upload images to serve as the chat app’s background image. Music links can be uploaded, too. These capacities can greatly help in attracting web surfers to your blog and improve your online presence.


In terms of accessibility most web visitors can join your chat discussions as long as they provide their social media account information- Facebook or Twitter- or their Yahoomail or Gmail usernames. If they want to stay private, they can sign in as guest, there’s no problem with that.

Chatwing has three forms you can choose from. Each form provides you with convenience and communication flexibility no other shoutbox can offer. If you’re the conventional type, Chatwing has a regular chatbox form that you can adjust the width and height. For the minimalist, the pop-up window is perfect since it will appear as a tab and will open another window when clicked. The vanity URL form is the most flexible form because you can control the number of participants and choose users you want to interact with.

Chatwing is dynamic that it can hold up to a thousand users without delay or compromise. It also has a full conversation control feature that can help you maintain a profanity free chatroom. To know more about its features, visit

See here for Chatwing tutorial.

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