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Kuta Beach in Bali is a busy tourist area visited by tourists throughout the year. This area was originally a village that eventually evolved from the more crowded and more and more tourist are coming. Maybe it could be called international village because too many visitors who settled almost from various parts of the world.

Kuta Beach as a tourist destination virtually mandatory that must be visited. Here visitors can enjoy the atmosphere with white sand beaches and sunset. Foreign tourists love to sunbathe here. Which is also famous as the location for surfing sports.


Sometimes seen in the photo above is a irony of tourism development there. When local residents to run a religious ritual, there is next to a sunbathing tourist wearing only a bikini which according to local people that are not appropriate.

Now… about cheap tourist accommodation in Kuta, this information will save your money.

Cheap lodging

Famous places where the backpacker community staying is in Jalan Poppies Lane II. For the rate, you should check directly.

1. Cempaka II : 0361 757750 with Kadek
2. Ronta Bungalow, Gg. Ronta 0361 754246. 50 m from First Bali Bombing Monument
3. Losman Arthawan (0361) 752913 – Poppies Lane II
4. Dua Dara, Poppies Lane II.
5. Segara Sadhu Inn. (0361) 759909, Jl. Poppies II Gang 1 # 3A
6. Jus Edith Bungalows (0361) 750558, Gang Ronta, Poppies Lane II
7. Gora Beach Inn – Poppies Lane 2, Banjar Pengabetan (0361) 752578
8. Yunna Cottage – Jl. Pantai Kuta Gg Poppies 2 (0361) 753015
9. Tunjung Bali Inn – Poppies Lane 2 (0361) 762990
10. Palm Gardens Taman Nyiur – Poppies Lane 2 (0361) 752198
11. Okie House – Poppies Lane 2 (0361) 752081
12. Mahendra – Poppies 1 Banjar Pengabetan (0361) 752371
13. Puri Agung – Poppies 1 (0361) 750054
14. Bungalows Taman Ayu – Poppies 1 (0361) 751855
15. Komala Indah – Poppies 1 No. 20 (0361) 751422

I hope the contact numbers can still be contacted. Ooh… Bali in the Indonesian state and country codes +62. Many tourists who did not know that Bali is the island in the Indonesian state.

Lodging facilities above usually have two beds, bathroom inside, the fan, and Light breakfast in the morning. If you stay in long enough, you can ask for a discount.


May be freer to travel by motorcycle, so free from traffic congestion. Or if you’re a group, we recommend to renting a car because public transport vehicles other than taxis are not easily found. Both are easily found by the roadside with a signpost “For Rent” thereon.

Source : Ikman Punya Cerita
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