Classic game emulator: PC and Symbian Phone

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Classic game emulator allows us to nostalgia play the old game once played on console. Are also available application for Symbian phones.

classic game emulator - virtual nes - chip and daleBefore any new games console that offers 3D image, then the players play the 2D game. Images presented are still looking boxes. Even so, popular games is starting to favor at the time.

When it was, I was a kid. I play games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Chip & Dale, The Sims, Michael Jackson, and others. I really like the games, although I play it by borrowing from friends.

Then….. When browsing in Brothersoft website, I find the classic games and emulator software to play them.

Then I download some games to playing it on my PC…..

And the result … like returning to childhood again. I was very lucky….. this emulator software runs well on Windows 7.

classic game emulator - sega genesis - michael jackson classic game emulator - snes - donkey kong

And apparently there is emulator that can run on symbian phones. For example Vampent that have emulator for NES, SNES, GB or GBC, and GBA. GB stands for Game Boy. After you have the emulator, just find game file and go go to playing classic game on your phone.

For additional, you can find another game console emulator on Emulator Zone.

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