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Client for Google Translate is a software that uses Google Translate engine. Because it uses the same engine, then the translation of languages that supported is the same.

language support client for google translate - interface

Look at the simple interface on screenshot above….. and then compare it with Google Translate interface below.

google translate

So, to what use this software if you can just use google translate? I also could not answer it to. There may be advantages in the pro version.

dictionaries supportOther facilities brought are Learner and Dictionary. Learner is a tool to learn how the pronunciation of the words that traslated….. by listening. And Dictionary used so this software can perform the function without an online language translation, or translation can be said to offline mode. To it, Client for Google Translate software is supported by XDXF Dictionaries.

From XDXF website can be downloaded there desired dictionary then be integrated with the software to make an offline mode translation.

Want to try…..? Visit Translate Client website.

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