ClockworkMod Recovery v6: what it is and for what

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For me ClockworkMod Recovery is program that runs like boot manager, which works to help initial system installation (flashing) or other related processes.

ClockworkMod RecoveryWhen I find out about Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) for the Samsung Galaxy Wonder (W I8150), I found that the phone does not get ICS upgraded. Therefore I am interested in looking for a modified version of this operating system.

Numerous articles on replacing Android operating system with the other versions, I always find this software, ClockworkMod Recovery, which now has reached version 6. Initially I did not know what this is and why it is always necessary. Then I concluded that ClockworkMod Recovery serves as the boot manager that easy to used, and this is very necessary. ClockworkMod Recovery website.

Install (flashing) ClockworkMod Recovery

In this case, I am using ClockworkMod Recovery to replace original Android OS on my Samsung Galaxy W. To install ClockworkMod Recovery you need another application to do so. If you read XDA Developers forum, there is two ways of installation, you can also find the source file there.

…..but I am using Odin Multi Downloader and Ancora.ops to flashing ClockworkMod Recovery, for that you must have the appropriate version. You can get Odin and Ancora from here. To flashing ClockworkMod Recovery, go into download mode (turn off the phone then turn on with press home + volume down button in the same time), connect the phone to the computer and launch Odin. Note on the message. If everything is smooth or there is a problem, it would seem there. Then note a few things I have marked in the image below. Press the Start button when everything is ready.

Some things to note in this process.

  • If you do, be prepared for the worst risks.
  • This may violate the warranty policy sales so warranty is no longer valid.
  • These processes should take place without interference, do not disconnect your phone and computer, avoid running out of battery power, or power loss to your computer.
  • Also avoid the problem of your computer’s operating system, including stuck software (hang).

Odin Multi Downloader


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