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Code Generator serves to enhance the security of your Facebook account.

I found Code Generator first time on Facebook for Android application, but it has not been going well at the time. This feature works by asking for an authorization code when you access your Facebook account from an unknown device (never logged in before).

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You can activate Code Generator feature from your Facebook both Desktop and Android device (in this case I am using Samsung Galaxy Wonder (I8150).

  • From Desktop, go to Account Setting and look on Security section, Login Approvals (first picture).
  • From mobile device, just open your Facebook for Android then press the botton on top left. You will find Code Generator below (second picture and the next).

Note: Current, Code Generator not found on Facebook Mobile.

Follow steps of security features activation to completion. You will be asked to fill in the phone number that will be sent an SMS containing confirmation code. End of the process, you will find menu to try out the functions of this feature. I think you should use it to make sure all goes well.

I hope your Facebook account still safe.

Code Generator - Facebook Security

code generator - facebook security   code generator - facebook security

code generator - facebook security


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