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CollageIt is free software developed by Pearl Mountain Software. Useful to create beautiful photo collage easily then shared with friends and family.

CollageIt - Pro versionBy using the Pro version (personal) for $ 19.90, will free you from the watermark on the photo collage that was made, could use the ability to crop images, and do not limit the number of images used photo collage.

CollageIt - get started

CollageIt used easily to create a photo collage. First you add the photos to be used via the Add button. Then adjust the layout with the desired paper. Then the Generate Layout button will finish it.

See CollageIt interface image below.

CollageIt - make collage photo

CollageIt - auto rotate activeTo find the best collage photos, try applying a variety of settings. Beside areĀ iron craft items photo used as an example of photo collage with Auto Rotate option is enabled.

Download CollageIt free

Get the Pro from Giveaway

I have 20 licenses to shared, if you’re interested you should:

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After you do the above, I will send you a license to email address you fill in the comment form.

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