Another Revival with All-New Spices – Company a Musical Comedy

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Remember those days when a plain old recipe just won’t satisfy your appetite. What do you do? You mix in a dash of extra spices to make it more tempting. Just like that Stephen Sondheim and George Furth had a crazy idea. Forming an alliance with Olivier Award-Winning Director, Marianne Elliot they totally revamped Company a good old Musical Comedy.

Another Revival with All-New Spices - Company a Musical Comedy

Patti Lupone joins Katrina Lenk in this modern-day revival of the musical. The revival experience a major gender swap, a gay couple and all new problems we all know much about. Where Bobby is now Bobbie, 35-year-old women fighting with all adult problems and finding out their answers.  

What’s the Story!

In the original 1970s version, the lead was a man with commitment problems. Marianne Elliot’s is centered on a woman in her mid-30s, vexing over answers to questions forced upon her by the society. Bobbie is 35 and not-yet-married this fact drives everyone around her ask the same questions. Why isn’t she married yet? Isn’t it about time to settle down?

Fighting these questions and her slowly diminishing youth. Bobbie finds answers to how married, un-married and other out-of-ordinary couples go crazy living in 21st-century society. Company is now focused on these double standards imposed on a woman in society. Accompanied by Sondheim’s impeccable music and lyrics, Bobbie’s journey becomes all the more alluring.

After a successful run on the West End, Company now moves to win the Broadway audience. The previews start from 2nd March and the show will open on 22nd March 2020. Buy your Company a Musical Comedy tickets now. Company a Musical Comedy Tickets are available for online purchase at

What Are The Critics Saying?

As mentioned earlier, Company has had a wonderful run the West End. Here are some comments to emphasize why it was successful:

We all know it is not the first time Company has been revived. From its first production in 1970 to 2006 revival and now in 2020, the musical has been revived for a second time. However, The London Theater had some really amazing comments for the revival this time around. According to them, there may be many wonderful productions of Company but this one is, “both a departure into new territory and a stunning reaffirmation of its brilliance.” That should give you an idea of why you should go and see this one.

While it keeps in touch with the original story the ‘Company’ now is also something entirely new. Some even say it’s more grand, deeper or “a game-changer” as titled by Timeout London.

Having the trouble to mess around with the plot of a well-received theater show such as Company is nothing less than sticking your foot in lion’s den. It was a dangerous road and one misstep could have ruined it all. Nonetheless, with Eliot’s mind-blowing alteration critics are left with nothing but praise for the revival. Just as The Guardian says, “not just revived but also intelligently reimagined.”

Another Revival with All-New Spices - Company a Musical Comedy


The company has broken all constraints and has set forth to a newer generation. The 6-time Tony award-winning production is set for a brand new route tackling subjects like gender stereotypes and societal expectations. And with simplicity and finesse, it has turned a womanizing character with commitment issues to Bobbie, the character bombarded with questions about marriage.

See this amazing rendition in all its majesty as it takes Broadway by surprise in its magnificent revival.

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