Project Management Software: Microsoft Project, Open Project, Gantt Project

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I compare these three project management software are because I am almost wrong to give project schedule report for my boss.

So you can use the following information in project data processing. These three software giving the different result from the same file source. The sample file using .mpp (Microsoft Project) format and open or import from two others software.

Microsoft Project
Is absolutely right (as a guide) because this software are used to make the file. Look at the red sign in picture upper (click for larger view). That show work item start and finish date, and work duration. Start Monday, May 26, 2010, and finish on Sunday, August 15, 2010. Work time are 21 days.

project management software - microsoft project

Let’s compare with 2 others software.

Open Project
Like Microsoft Office, many software in one package. Writer, Spreadsheet, and the other once is Open Project. This Software are used by project manager to make project schedule that visualize with Gantt Chart. Open Project are purely free especially for personal user. Open Project is compatible with .mpp (Microsoft Poject file extension). The upper picture is snapshoot of Open Project that I use to open the same file with first picture (click to a larger view). The result (work item with red marking) are different with Microsoft Project… precede approximately 4 months.

project management software - open project

Gantt Project
Like Open Project, this is a free software to make project schedule. Can import .mpp file. I was compare with Microsoft Project too… use the same file. The result can be looked under. I get an inverted result than Open Project. The begin date project are retreat from actually. Backwards approximately 2 months.

project management software - gantt project

Why different ???

I think the features of these 3 softwares make it differents. Microsoft Poject support start to finish, start to start, lag, and other… whereas Open Projet and Gantt Chart  maybe not. I am not read with details of the software documentation.

Microsoft Project is paid software.
You can buy this software license with huge discount, details show below. Available 2 version there are Microsoft Project Standard and Microsoft Project Professional.

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