ProgeCAD Tutorial: Continuous dimension line command

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ProgeCAD Tutorial: Continuous dimension line command

Dimensional line is very important in any engineering drawings. Continuous dimension lines are usually loaded on the outside of engineering drawings. But if forced, may be there on the inside of the picture.

Because a lot of parts that must be given dimension line, then you must repeat the dimension line command many times. But to continue the line dimensions, you can use the command continuous dimension line so you can save some steps.

For example, as shown in the picture beside. On top of building picture there is a line dimension description of building. It’s usually made with a linear dimension tool or another tools. If it is continuous, can be made faster by using continue dimension line tool.

The first step is make one dimension line as trigger. Another dimension lines will follow the first dimension line. Follow this interactive video tutorial for more clearly. You must click the next button of interactive video tutorial directly below to view the next steps.

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