very cool and free online converter (free for personal use)

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I am forgot when and how finding website There I found the various converter software that runs web-based (online) and are freely available. Free for personal use. This is very interesting!

Converter software available are:

  1. Online Image Converter (jpeg, gif, ico, png, bmp)
  2. Online Audio Converter (wav, wma, ogg, mpc, mp4, flac, ape and amr to mp3)
  3. Online Movie Converter (All video files to flv, wmv, iPod and iPhone)
  4. Online PDF Converter (pdf to jpeg, gif, png)
  5. Online Word Converter (Word to PDF, HTML, Excel, Text, Jpeg, TIFF)
  6. Online HTML Converter (html to doc, xls, pdf, jpeg)
  7. Online Excel Converter (Excel to doc, txt, pdf, jpeg)
  8. Online Mail Converter (Mail to pdf, html, doc, txt, jpeg)
  9. Online AutoCAD Converter (AutoCAD and SVG to PDF, TIFF, JPEG, EMF, CGM, HPGL or SVG)

To convert a file and produce the desired format, you must upload it first. After file converted, will be downloaded directly.

Some software are available for desktop versions, so that can be used offline. very cool and free online converter image converter

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