How To Create Stunning Photos Without Hassle [Freeware]

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Image editing tools and software are a great way to enhance your ugly or ordinary images. Whether you want to improve the color tone, or manipulate the brightness, these tools offer an effective way to achieve the desired modifications. Image processing tools range from simple apps to complex software. They’re available for free, while some require a paid subscription.

So several people ask that how to create stunning photos. For that, you’ll essentially need third-party software because they offer dedicated tools, effects, and filters primarily for enhancing your images.

Vertexshare Photo Effects

Photo Effects is a freeware software, which is available for Mac and Windows OS. The installation is rather simple. All you need to do is download it from the official website, launch the setup, and it’ll install it within a few seconds. The tool is dedicated to offering several interesting features that allow image enhancement. Let’s elaborate on them a little.

  1. Exposure adjustment allows readjusting light, contrast, and saturation.
  2. To alter highlights and shadows, and their tonal width, use the “Shadows and Highlights” feature.
  3. You can add immense detailing to your flat HDR images using tone mapping.
  4. Sometimes the photo becomes unclear due to blur and distortion. You can correct it and make your photos clearer by adjusting their sharpness.
  5. It allows adjusting contrast in smaller regions, which is otherwise known as “local contrast”.
  6. The “noise reduction” feature allows eliminating unnecessary noise that dampens your image quality.
  7. Color adjustment and white balance are another classic yet notable features of this product.

The list of features isn’t over yet. You’ll need to download and experience the software to learn about more exciting features.

Advantages Of Vertexshare Photo Effects

Imagining what could be the possible benefits of using this software in particular? We’ll find them out in this section.

  1. It’s precisely designed for non-technical users especially beginners. If you’re new to the image editing world, then don’t hesitate to get started with this software.
  2. There’s no need to possess Photoshop skills. This is a professional photo effect software, that’s loaded with tons of useful features aiming to beautify your images.
  3. You’ll love the mind-blowing presets available in the software. For each tool, there’s a slider, which allows adjusting the values of each filter.
  4. The built-in presets will automatically enhance the image. You just need to click on the preset, and the software will take care of all the processing.

Using Photo Effects To Create Stunning Photos

If you want to edit your images to enhance them, here’s a compiled list of simple steps.

  • Download and install the free software based on your OS.
  • Launch the app. You’ll get started by uploading your image to the software.
  • When loaded, the image will become visible in the center of the screen. That’s called your stage, where you’ll do all the editing work.
  • The list of presets, effects, and filters is available on the left. The moment you’ll click on them, the relevant effect will be applied to your image.
  • Each effect has its own set of values, that you can adjust. For instance, for every filter, you can adjust the corresponding contrast, shadows, highlights, etc.
  • To adjust these values, slide the slider, which is available on the right-hand side.
  • Choose the filters, apply them and see which ones suit your image.
  • If you’re unhappy with the output, simply undo it.
  • Now, if you’re not sure about the effects of a particular filter, please notice that each filter has a thumbnail that shows a preview. The preview will let you know what kind of effects it’s going to make on your image.
  • When you’re done with your editing, export the image by clicking “Export Photo” in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

How To Make Amazing Photos In Photoshop?

Let’s see how Photoshop helps in enhancing the images.

  • Download and install the software. You’ll get a trial version for free.
  • Launch the app. Go to the File menu and open the desired image.
  • Once it’s loaded, go to the File menu and select the “save as” option. Now save this file at a different destination. That way, you’ll be modifying a copy of your original image. So even if you mess things up, the original image will stay unharmed.
  • Filters such as noise reduction, brightness adjustment, etc. are available under the “image” menu in the menu bar.
  • The most common tools to enhance the images are hue saturation, brightness control, color correction, white balance, Vibrance, contrast adjustment, etc.

Based on your Photoshop version, their names might differ, but you’ll get them under the “image” menu. This menu has tons of features dedicated to image beautification.

  • Select an option, and a pop-up box will appear. There you’ll find some sliders to adjust the values of each filter just like in the case of Photo Effects.
  • Adjust the values, and you’ll see the results immediately. Undo your actions if you feel so.
  • When you’re done with the editing, simply go to the File menu and export your creation. Select the desired file output such as .jpg, .png, etc.


Several image editing tools are free to use and you don’t require any knowledge to get started. Some are downloadable while some work online in your web browser. Therefore, enhancing your ugly or poor-quality images is no big deal nowadays.

Vertexshare - Photo Effects
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