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I am very… very like this topic, custom Windows 7 themes. Try many other software to changes the appeareance of Windows since I was using Windows 98 at year 2000. Windows Blind, Talisman Desktop… then Style XP… and many other.

Now I am using the Seven, that have beautiful appeareance by default. But thats not easy to make me satisfied. With Google I am try to find something to make my desktop looking good. Until I found this… modified W7 theme by third parties.

custom windows 7 themes

In this product of Windows, Microsoft give with a free official Windows 7 theme. This theme use .themepack extension and install with very easy way. Just double click the icon… then your windows appeareance will change.

I use this theme pack just for a while… until I found theme by third parties.

The theme creation are good. Have a variation characteristic…

Custom Start Menu Orb, custom icon, and few other interesting changes… although I can not use all of it, I don’t know how to apply it.

custom windows 7 themes

In principle to use custom Windows 7 themes….. you replace the original one with the modified. But this proccess will meet some error because the ownership of Windows. To solve this problem read previous article… Windows 7 Ownership Divert.

If the proccess work good, you’ll see the different….

Note: Before you do this, install Uxtheme Multi-patcher first.

Are you find some modified theme for Seven and tutorial how to applied it???

Try to read article Step by step to apply Windows 7 custom UI.


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