Securely delete important files with shredder and wiper tools

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In this case….. file shredder software is software that serves to destroy the rest of the files that have been removed so it can not be restored again with recovery tool. This process is done with overwrite a file that was destroyed repeatedly until no longer readable by the recovery software. Because this process can not be done directly and require other software….. This is usually only done on the elimination of important data only.

For example one of free file shredder is miTracker File Secure Free.

Regular removal (delete) usually still leaves some data that can be in recovery. More and more data is deleted, the more data is left behind. Shredder software can not reach the rest of this data, but wiper software can do this…..

auslogic disk wiper

Disk wiper (free space wiper) software does not delete data that still exist or intact, just remove the data that have been deleted or residual data.

For example one of free file wiper is CCleaner, one product from Piriform.

After going through this process, data will not be able to return again….. same as the data that had been shred with shredder tool.

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