DesignEvo: A Dead-Easy and Powerful Online Logo Maker

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DesignEvo Powerful Online Logo Maker is prefect solution to create custom logo for your brand without much effort of value.

A logo is vital for a brand and a company. For some extent, a good logo speaks for your business and attract clients for you. Thus, logo design gets to be expensive in the market, which becomes the barrier for the small business owners to start up their own brands. Fortunately, DesignEvo Powerful Online Logo Maker is created and designed to help them.

DesignEvo - Powerful Online Logo Maker for Free

DesignEvo logo maker is born to help people who want to create logo online without much effort. It is the few brilliant logo designers that you can find on the Internet and it’s totally free! People love free stuff, especially the one that is also excellent!

Great Features of DesignEvo Powerful Online Logo Maker

  1. Millions of icons that you can search for
    DesignEvo provides millions of icons for you to search for and it displays 20 popular key words in the interface, which can be easy for you to find what you need.
    DesignEvo - icon template
  2. Massive shape choices for logo
    As an easy logo maker, DesignEvo offers a range of shapes for users to use, including badge, decoration, line, solid shape, outlined shape, banner and symbol. You can find any types you like here. All you need to do is give a preferred shape a drag-and-drop from the library, and then it can appear on your logo canvas. So easy!
  3. Hundreds of fonts to choose
    After you got all icons and shapes you like and make them in order, the next step is to add some texts to make it personal. There are various of fonts that are waiting for you. Whether you like art fonts or classic fonts, you can be satisfied here. Just select one of them and add some words freely!
  4. Various of logo templates
    If you know nothing about logo design, it’s okay then. DesignEvo prepared everything for you. There are various of delicate logo templates for all kinds of fields, such as company logo, restaurant logo, music logo, construction logo and so on. All of them are so well-sized that you can just use them as your brands. Or, you can choose one of them as an example to customize your own logos. The only value of these templates is to simplify your design process.
    DesignEvo - logo template
  5. Practical preview & output
    When you got everything ready, the value of preview and output is appearing. DesignEvo has various previews, such as logo on a T-shirt and logo on a book cover. It allows you to check if your logo is suitable for such occasions and thus you won’t waste your time and effort. Additionally, there are three kinds of output for you to choose, jpg, png and png with a transparent background. You can select any of them for your need.
    DesignEvo - design preview


DesignEvo Powerful Online Logo Maker is such a great online logo maker that allows even a novice can create logos with a professional looking. There is no download or registration required at all.
If you want to make a brilliant logo for your brand on your own, don’t wait to try DesignEvo.

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