Desmos Graphing Calculator [Google Chrome Apps]

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Desmos Graphing Calculator is interesting applications to assist you in making graph without worrying. This can be used in students learning process.

Desmos Graphing Calculator I found the first time through Google Chrome Web Store that is very interesting especially for those of you who often make the graphics and students who are in the process of learning. This application is also suitable for use by professionals. See the sample below.

I tried to make the three graphs on a single cartesian area by entering mathematical equations with Desmos Graphing Calculator and the picture below is the result. Every graph is direct automatically reflected when I insert mathematical equations. It done quickly and very responsive. If you want to change the mathematical equations, graphs will soon change.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

It can be used free of charge, especially you as a personal user. Want to try and use it? Or want to get more info? Please visit the website.

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