Opera Mobile vs Opera Mini: What is the difference?

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Yes, Opera Mobile and Opera Mini are different though equally an internet browser for mobile devices.

Probably many people who do not know clearly what the difference Opera Mobile vs Opera Mini. Both look the same and… yes … both are the internet browser application for mobile devices are very popular. Opera Mobile displays web pages much slower than Opera Mini, but more in line with reality. Opera Mobile files capacity much bigger than Mini version. … and a few other differences. How can ???

Opera Mobile vs Opera Mini

On the official website, I found an explanation Opera Mobile vs Opera Mini points. It turned out that technically both are very different.

Opera Mobile is a full Internet browser for mobile devices. The full web-rendering engine – Opera Presto – is run on the phone using the phones’ hardware to download and display webpages. —> This causes an Opera Mobile such as desktop PC  internet browser that renders web pages on mobile devices, not on the server. For that… files capacity would be larger to load more programs. In other words, Opera Mobile will receive the raw data of a web page and then process it for displayed.

Opera Mini always uses Opera’s advanced server compression technology to compress web content before it gets to a device. The rendering engine is on Opera’s server.  —> Opera Mini will receive the data already processed from the server to display, therefore web pages appear more quickly and cost-effective.

So … which is the better I use?

May be better to install them on mobile phones, both… You just need to adjust to its use, since they will be very useful.

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