SnapIt Screen Capture: Simple to making screenshot

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SnapIt Screen Capture SnapIt Screen Capture is software to capture images that are displayed and stored temporarily on the clipboard, which was developed by Digeus.

Because it is stored temporarily on the clipboard, SnapIt Screen Capture result can easily be placed directly on word processing or  image processing software for further editing.

But if you want to directly stored in the form of files, it easily gives a chance to change setting on the properties menu.

Very easy to use …..

SnapIt Screen Capture - standby on system trayOnce installed, these applications directly standby on the system tray.

To make a capture….. just press the Print Screen button and make area selection when the cursor changes. There will be a red line that limits the area of selection.

snapit screen capture - area selection - red line borderTo put it on other software, like word processing, use the Paste command or key combination Ctrl + V.


snap it properties

If you want to change some settings, go to the properties menu.

For example to change hot key setting, to change image captured file type, and a few other settings.

About compatibility….. I currently use this software on Windows XP  based computer system. But before I had ever run it in Windows 7 (Seven) and no problems have occurred.

Want to try SnapIt Screen Capture before buying? Please go to Screen Capture Software page for more information.

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