Digeus System Optimizer: Clean, protect, and optimize

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Digeus System Optimizer are suite of software to clean the computer system from garbage files and useless registry data that interfere the performance.

system optimizer-product boxAfter the system is clean from “dirt”, Digeus System Optimizer allows you to protect your data and systems from unauthorized users and also optimize the system performance.

Digeus System Optimizer suite consists of: Data Encryptor, Disk Space Analyzer, Drivers and Programs, Duplicate Files Finder, Icon Manager, IE Manager, Junk Files Cleaner, Memory Cleaner, Multimedia Settings Tweaker, Optimization Wizard, Privacy Protection, Process Manager, Registry Cleaner, Registry Defragmenter, Repair System Settings, Service Manager, File Shredder, Smart Uninstaller, Startup Manager, System Customization, System Info, System Security Tweaker, System Speed Optimizer, and Unnecessary Files Cleaner.

Digeus System Optimizer interface

Wow….. It consists of many software…..

Let’s look at some …..

digeus - optimization wizzard digeus - privacy protection

Optimization Wizzard, is a tool that will guide novice users to begin the process from cleaning up until optimize the system.

The use of each tool will be guided so that you will not be confused. If it is not acceptable at any stage, can be crossed by selecting the skip.

Privacy Protection, is a tool used to clean traces of internet browsing, such as cookies, history, cache, and so forth. If not cleaned in a long time, your data storage capacity will be reduced significantly. In addition, you allow exploration of the internet browsing data used irresponsible parties.

digeus - startup manager

Startup Manager, is a tool to manage applications that automatically run when start-up. What can be done with this tool that is reduce the applications that run automatically when the computer start so as to speed start up process.

digeus - service manager

Service Manager, is a tool for managing service operations. There are three parameters that apply ie auto, manual, and disabled. It also deals with the starting time. If you want to save memory (RAM), disable some unnecessary services. But you will be puzzled to decide which one should be turned off (manual start or completely disable). To overcome this….. use the Optimize Service menu.

digeus - service manager - optimize service

On the menu, you’ll find two separate parts where one part is the recommended service to “disabled” and one other part as required.

Want to find some information and try that awesome software before buy, visit Digeus System Optimizer webpage.

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