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If you are Digsby user must be having the length of time Digsby startup until ready for use when it was running automatic updates. Always up to date is the obligation to Digsby. But now can choose….. want always up to date or not.

digsby - update notificationIn order to not update automatically, do the settings on the General & Profile. When there is a file update, will be notified via a pop-up notification and can be directly answered to update or not.

digsby - automatic update settingIn the General & Profile, find the option Automatically download software updates as shown marked in red on picture below.  Remove the check mark on the check box if you do not want automatic updates running on start up.

By doing this setting, automatic updates will not run especially at start-up time, so that Digsby get online more quickly. But it remains an important update for Digsby running optimally.

Keep updating.


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