Disable hibernate function permanently to saving disk space on Windows 7

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Disable hibernate feature save hard drive capacity about 1 GB.

Now my laptop is still using an 80 GB hard drive. System partition capacity is 25 GB  that feel much less if it is filled Windows 7 in it. So I must be smart to save space on hard disk partition mainly in C drive. I remove various components of Windows 7 that did not needed. Also disable hibernate feature that takes about 1 GB of hard drive capacity.

Hibernate is a feature that allows the computer is on conditions not to consume electricity (off) but will return to its original state when turned on, including a variety of applications that are running when the hibernation feature is executed.

To do this, type the following command in cmd (command prompt):

powercfg -h off

See the picture below for more clearly.

disable hibernate - command prompt

If it appears the warning as shown in the image above (marked red), do the following “Run as administrator” thing first.

run command prompt as administrator

If you want to enable the hibernation feature later ….. do the opposite (change off to on).

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