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To tell some location to the people through the website, you can use Google Maps. Example for instance associated with  property marketing or share interesting places with friends and family. This can be done easily by taking the specific code given at the time of marking a location on Google Maps, then put it on the website. More details you can read it below.

Why Google Maps?

As far as I know, Google Maps data derived from aerial photographs taken from satellites is the most recent compared to other similar free services.

The steps

The first time you have to mark the location you want to share via website. Go to Google Maps web page and doing sign in, of course you must have a Google account. After that go to My Places then Create Map. See two pictures below.

google maps - my placesgoogle maps - create new map

google maps - land mark sign

You will see the form as shown below on the left sidebar. For example, fill in name and description of the place. at the bottom, there are privacy settings that allows you to restrict who can view the location on the map. At the top left of the map, you will find the landmarks tool (left picture) that can be used to mark the location. …..the form of dots or squares.

google maps - create maps

google maps - landmark

Fill in title and description on the marker location too….. (picture above).

After the process, you can set the location marked on the middle of the map by selecting the Center map here on the right-click menu.

google maps - center maps

To share locations with others, look on the top right side of the map. Find a sign as shown below.

There you will find links that you can send to friends or family. And also there is code that can be installed on the website so that Google Maps of marked location can be directly seen. The code is installed in html mode.

google maps - take the link


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