Do Gamers Have a Higher IQ?

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In the modern world, more and more children are playing video games. There are various video games in the markets, and the companies keep improving their products. As of 2020, research showed that over 200 million Americans were playing video games, and the number keeps increasing as more people embrace technology. There are also companies that help gaming startups in developing video games, such as

Research shows that gaming improves people’s IQ. Gamers develop a higher IQ as they play games. Getting better at games means you get better at life.

Gaming Improves a Person’s Attention

Action video games enhance the player’s attention. A study by Green and Bavelier found that playing action video games improves a person’s attention control. Action video games are on high speed, and the objects keep appearing and disappearing. Therefore, players have to keep their attention focused on given objects. This improves their concentration on a particular stimulus. They have higher spatial awareness and respond faster and more accurately than non-gamers. 

The players’ focus will also increase, making it easier for you to concentrate on whatever is happening in the game and not be distracted by anything else around you (or inside your head).

Gaming Improves a Person’s Memory and Learning

With the improvement in attention control, A player automatically improves their memory and learning. After some time, you will also become more aware of all the little details that are important in any given situation, and thus be able to take advantage of them when they arise during gameplay.

Gamer’s visual memory is also much better than non-gamers, since they are predisposed to visual cues they need to solve. 

The study also shows that gamers excel better in tasks requiring the retention of many memories than non players. Besides, playing strategy games can improve adults’ brain function and help them fight dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Gaming Improves Gamers Problem-solving Skills

Playing video games will improve your problem-solving skills. Your reaction time will improve, so you can react faster and more accurately to what is going on in the game. This will make you a better player in real life, too. You will have increased awareness of your surroundings and be able to react more quickly when something unexpected happens.

When video gamers were compared to non-gamers when they were playing, an MRI scan showed increased activity in areas of their brains associated with creativity and problem-solving on the player than those who were watching.

A trial done by the University of Glasgow also found that gamers improved communication skills, flexibility, and resourcefulness more than non-gamers. This is because gamers must think critically and use their reflective learning ability. 

Gaming Improves Decision-making Ability

When gaming, especially action games, you need to make quick decisions. This develops your decision-making skills. Thus, gamers can easily make better decisions when under pressure than non-gamers. 

Final Thoughts 

Gaming tends to improve the overall IQ of players because they are challenged to make decisions, become more attentive, and solve problems as quickly as possible. Mastering this improves people’s IQ. Therefore, not only do gamers develop a higher IQ as they play games, but they also become more intelligent!

Do Gamers Have a Higher IQ?
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