DoFollow is like having magic letter for job seeker

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As the name, dofollow is a command to search engine robots to follow the link, but this command does not need loaded. That need to be filled is the command that meant the opposite, nofollow.

create hyperlink - DoFollow

First, by default no one care about the do and nofollow. link is made directly with the command only <a href=”#”> $$$</ a>, almost no-frills.

If you install the DoFollow link, it means your website refer link the other website that exist on that link.

This also means that the order for the search engines to follow the link with reputation that provided by the origin website.

This is what I mean according to the title above. A company would really appreciate you if you have good references from people or other reputable companies.

On the contrary, if you do not want to give reputation to other websites … add the code rel=”nofollow” in the hyperlink code. Then the search engines only consider it as an ordinary job seeker.

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