Draw Pad: simple application to make doodles

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Draw Pad is simple application to drawing doodles that have interesting features, which can import maps from Google Maps or images from the camera as the background.

Initially I was using the Draw Pad as interested in seeing friend make graffiti on iPad when we discuss the design of the cafe. I think application like this is very useful because usually we always carry cell phone (smartphone) or tablet, but not necessarily to bring paper and pencil.

Please see the picture below. I made graffiti with background of map. You can use this application….. for example to show the location of your home to your friend or anything else.

Draw Pad download

But there is few thing that less fun. I have trouble finding my doodles that I save. Then to make it as image file so I can share it, I combine with capture the LCD screen of the mobile phone. Read how to capture Android screen in article:

Draw Pad - import Google Maps as backgroud

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