Dress up your Pale Moon with Firefox personas

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I quote some sentences on the Pale Moon website  again on title above…..

Now….. beauty plays an important role. Good performance of Windows XP and Windows Vista are beautifully evolved into Windows 7 that have both. Similarly, the Internet browser which can be personalized so it appears beautiful.

dress up your Pale MoonIn the previous article I share brief information about the Pale Moon which is a slightly different internet browser with Mozilla Firefox. Because of it slightly different….. then you can use Firefox persona (theme) in the Pale Moon. On the official website, can be found only two themes, so you can find it on another website.

Manage theme menu for the Pale Moon can be reached by several steps. Consider a few pictures below.

pale moon - addons - themeFind tools on top menu and then choose Addons. On addons windows, choose Themes.

See the Get themes link on the bottom of picture 2. I try it to get theme but doesn’t work well. Nothing happen after click the link.


pale moon - addons - get theme

After performing the above steps and do not produce anything, I tried to find websites that offer free themes for Firefox and apply the theme. For example theme WOT (Web of Trust) on Personas for Firefox website.

The result….. It works!!!

pale moon using firefox persona (theme) - WOT (web of trust)

Last article on year 2010. Hopefully be more professional in 2011.

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