Dropbox as photo gallery

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Dropbox is popular cloud-based data storage service provider. You can store data there via computer or mobile device. Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire are supported.

First I did not know that Dropbox can be used as a digital photo album so I am always use another provider. The few days I started using Dropbox as image gallery because it offers considerable capacity and could even increase with no cost at all. Imagine, you can get a total capacity of 16GB more at no cost. And now I know how to use it as an online photo gallery.

For example, I want to make photo gallery for photo in folder Eco Green Park.

Dropbox as photo gallery

Look to the right of the folder, the chain icon.
If you put the pointer there, will display description Share Link. If you click it, will open new window which contain dialogue as in the third picture.

share folder link

Press Get Link if you want direct link for the photo gallery. Then press button Ctrl + V or Right Click + Paste to view the link on notepad or other.
But if you want to send the link via email, just put email address on the first row upper. You can share your photo gallery to Facebook and Twitter too.

get share link

Picture below is the sample of Dropbox photo gallery or click this link for the sample.
If you are interested, sign up your account first by click this link.

This method can also be used on MegaCloud.

Similar service with huge free storage capacity: MediaFire

photo gallery on Dropbox

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