DVD Photo Slideshow for Mac [Giveaway 5 Licenses]

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DVD Photo Slideshow for Mac allows you to create video from photo on Mac computer operating system, then play it on DVD player so you can watching it from your television.

The process to create video from your photo collection with DVD Photo Slideshow for Mac are simple. The general steps are like below.

  1. Import the photos
    Number of photos used will have direct impact on video duration.
  2. To make it more interesting, add music that accompanies the video when it is played.
  3. Take advantage from available templates and make changes if it is not to your liking. The way to speed up your work significantly.
  4. In order transition between photos not monotonous, take advantage of the effects that can be used anytime.
  5. Adjust the various settings related to the appearance of your video creation, the duration of each photo, the photo sequence shown, and other things.
  6. Create the movie and burn it to DVD media. After this step, you can watch your creation from television.

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DVD Photo Slideshow for Mac

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