EaseUS Partition Master Free: free tool to manage your hardisk partition

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EaseUS Partition Master Free is free partition tool product for home user that bring features more than you expect.

For me, Partition Manager software used to manage the hardisk partition. I usually do that are resize the partition volume, format the partition when you sell your old hardisk to your friend, merge partition that previously split, restore partition after accident, etc. EaseUS Partition Master Free features are more than that, therefore I said the features more than you expect. EaseUS Partition Master Free features

  • Basic function of disk management tool: Resize/move partition, Merge, Split, Convert FAT to NTFS, etc.
  • Convert dynamic disk to basic disk
  • Convert primary partition to logical and vice versa
  • Disk & partition copy
  • Upgrade system disk
  • Copy dynamic volume
  • Recover deleted or lost partitions
  • Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000 (32/64 bit)
  • Support MBR & GPT disk and removable device
  • Support 2TB+ hard disk
  • 100% data protection

More about EaseUS Partition Master Free

I underline the features Recover Lost Partition and 100% Data Protection. I have experienced the first thing, when I see only C partition in Windows Explorer. The D partition which contains critical data are gone and I can’t find it. I was nervous and took the laptop to the services center. Only an hour my D partition are back and technician said it was caused by damage partition. 100% Data Protection feature give you sense of security when you do the partition arrangements. Ten years ago, partition arrangements was very dangerous to the important data on hard drive so it is rarely performed.

This Partition Magic software are very useful for me, I think for you also. You can get more information about this software from the link above and download for free too.

EaseUS Partition Master Free

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