EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server 5.0

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EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server 5.0 software to backing up data and restore it if a problem occurs on your computer, so there is no data loss.

I’ve previously discussed the software with fewer features than EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server 5.0 in article EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation 4.0. There are some hot and new features added in version EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server 5.0, namely:

  • Easily backup to NAS
    Just one time to Add Network-attached storage as the destination and one click to backup your Server to NAS for data security when your Server are greatly reduced.
  • Outlook backup and restore
    Backs up of all your email messages in Outlook and save them in a safe way, so you always can access them, especially when you accidentally delete email.
  • Backup certain file type in specified folder
    Allows you to specify one file type to backup in certain folder, avoiding monotonous and boring manual efforts.
  • Libraries backup/restore
    One click to backup all files including documents, music, pictures and videos under Libraries in Windows 7.
  • PXE Server for booting machines from the network to bootable environment for system restore, especially for bare metal recovery with no bootable media required.
  • Brand-new backup and recovery interface
    Brand-new interface for easy backup and recovery process to save time and avoid troubles.
  • PXE Server
    Cost-effective and time saving technology designed for IT administrator to remotely boot machine via network to bootable environment for remote backup/restore without bootable media, especially most useful for bare metal recovery or network deployment.
  • Full support PXE network environment for client booting to backup and restore.
  • Improved to support mass storage devices with capacity 2 TB+.

With so many advantages of  EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server 5.0, this software valuable $299.

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server 5.0 website.

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server 5.0 - backup management

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server 4.5 - sql backup

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