Easy automatic update driver of your Lenovo Laptop

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Some days ago, Windows 10 Home on my Lenovo Yoga 530 stuck on Sleep or Hibernate, and it cannot be Wake, displaying nothing but looking alive. Frustrated at not being able to find a fix, I decided to reinstall the Windows 10.

After the installation progress is done, I check Device Manager and show up some items are containing with ! mark, which means something is wrong. Usually from my experience this requires updating of drivers which may not be suitable or need updating. Directly check Lenovo website, on Driver & Software section.

If you don’t know details related your Lenovo like me, just select Detect Product and you will forward to download and install Lenovo Service Bridge (LSB) Software to help you define the details.

 Lenovo website - Driver & Software - Specify Lenovo Laptop Type Details

My laptop is Yoga 530-14ARR type 81H9.

Yoga 530-14ARR type 81H9

And at this section you will be facilitated too.
Don’t know which driver are need update, no problem. Just choose Automatic Driver Update and Scan. This process will needed of installation supporting software. Fill check mark the driver need update show there or directly select all, then start the progress. On the Reboot coloumn will show information need Reboot or not after the update progress finished.

 Automatic Driver Update - Lenovo


This method is very helpful for users who are not very detailed in knowing the device driver installation process even though the results may not be perfect. But this process is very helpful for users to prepare their laptops until they are ready to use the essential features. I found the fingerprint driver wasn’t installed so it couldn’t be used.


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