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Previously I’ve written about the Lite version of Easy Watermark. It has been a while. Now Easy Watermark Studio 3.1 PRO has been released. Interface is very pronounced differences. Previous version using dominant dark red color to blue sea now. First using right sidebar and now command exist on the ribbon above.

Nevertheless, Easy Watermark Studio 3.1 PRO really professional in fillingĀ  watermark on the image and its use is practical.

What’s the new on Easy Watermark Studio 3.1 PRO ?

  • You can add images from clipboard
  • You can add your desktop screenshot just one click
  • Load profiles automatically after select
  • Some other bugs corrected

Easy Watermark Studio - interface (click to enlarge)


  • Create a Photoshop like watermark
  • Create rounded image corner with really smooth edges
  • Create image reflections
  • Sinus transformation
  • Pixel filters (jitter, circle, grid, pixelize, noise …)
  • Batch watermark: protect a photo group of any size at a time
  • Protect photo independent of their format
  • Edit watermarks in easy to use graphical interface
  • Create watermarks from image and text
  • Save watermark template for future use
  • Apply filters to watermarks : drop shadow, outher glow, alpha transparency
  • Rotate watermarks for photos
  • Make watermarks more detailed for better protection
  • Adjust the size of photos
  • Animated Gif support
  • Full Unicode support
  • Creating reflection for a better look
  • Windows 7 compatible

More with Easy Watermark Studio 3.1 PRO

You can create watermark (image and text) in different layers in one image. So easy to adjust its position.

Easy Watermark Studio - watermark layer

Provided some form of image watermark to prevent the use of images by unwanted parties.

Easy Watermark Studio - image watermark

Easily to adjust the size and opacity of the image watermark used.

Easy Watermark Studio - size and opacity

Slope of the image watermark and its position can easily be arranged. Including the position from border.

Easy Watermark Studio - watermark position

Want to beautify the picture? There are image effects feature that can be used. This function can not be used on the lite version before. If you want to use it, should switch to using the Pro version.

Easy Watermark Studio - image watermark effects


Are you interested getting this software for free? If yes, there are 3 ways.

  1. Quick registration on promotion page to get free license (there is a chance for a few days)
  2. Publish a review about this software on your blog or website and get a FREE LIFETIME LICENSE! Send the article URL to office@refe.ro and wait for good news.
  3. TrialPay.

More info : Easy Watermark Studio 3.1 PRO official website
Download Easy Watermark Studio 3.1 PRO

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