Change company email server [Tutorial]

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You can change your low-space company email server with your big-space personal email server like with no one knows.

Actually I confuse to find match title of this tutorial, this article might just as my personal notes.
I experienced case like this, I get an email account from the company I worked with capacity of 100 MB which it will exceed inbox quota when I received 17 emails with 6 MB attachment. Yes, I often receive such emails. My boss even experience the mailbox quota exceeded in just 1-2 days if he forgot to turn on the laptop to download emails from server.

To overcome this problem I imagine to borrow Microsoft server that is said unlimited. Now the capacity problem is resolved. Please see below how I do it.

First of all, you must have 1 Microsoft account. You can register at

Step 1, no email can be entered into the corporate email inbox. You must set your email inbox automatically kicked into your Microsoft account. Login to CPanel (company email webmail) then I chose to using Email Filtering feature, because if using Auto Forward (Forwarding Option menu) ….it’s will create a copy.

Change company email server [Tutorial]

There you need to create a Filtering Rule like as picture below. In the form I fill it with company email domain. So far this Rule works pretty good.

Change company email server [Tutorial]

From the Step 1, all email will kicked to your Microsoft email account.

Step 2, set your Microsoft account so everyone thinks you send an email from the company email account. Because is not funny you send an email with the suffix This could be serious… 😀

So you must add Sent Only Account. See some of picture below.

Change company email server [Tutorial] Change company email server [Tutorial]

Fill the form with your company email server setting.

Change company email server [Tutorial]

Change company email server [Tutorial]

Now everytime you send email with your Microsoft account, will look like picture below. And the recipient feel the email are from your company email. You trick it right now…

If you like to using Thunderbird, see Thunderbird: manage default identities for the tutorial to using this trick.

Change company email server [Tutorial]

If you want to take old email in the same server, read this article: Make email backup [Windows Live Writer]. Apply the Online Backup.

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