Engineering translation

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Engineering is a high-precision, technically demanding and specialised field, in itself and in the language used by engineers and industry specialists in the documentation. The terminology used is not only complex, but new terms for new products and developments are created daily. We have been working in the engineering translation for many years, we understand this field and can appreciate what our customers need and what their expectations are.

Some of the most frequently translated engineering documents include manuals, user manuals and product guidelines, but engineering is broad term with a variety of subspecialisations, which include, but are not limited to: civil engineering, oil and gas (petroleum) engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, aviation engineering or IT engineering.

Although engineering translation is mainly requested by companies, we do work with private clients as well. If you require your PhD thesis in computing or robotics, for example, to be translated from or into English, we will happily take care of that.

A distinctive feature of most engineering-related documents is the length, some are hundred pages long, and the presence of graphs and tables. Rest assured that all these elements will be reproduced in the translated document.

Most specifically, some of the engineering documents you may be looking to have translated include: blueprints (meaning design plans or any other technical drawing), technical specifications and/or reports, operations manuals and any related guidelines, instructions, brochures, patents and other related legal documentation, test and trial reports and many more.

Our specialised and qualified translators will take care of any engineering project – we guarantee quality, and our team of project managers will ensure that you have the most pleasant and professional customer experience. We will take care of your engineering translation from our head office and will post it to you anywhere in Ireland.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

Engineering document translation
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