error 523 on BlackBerry, JL_Cmder is the solution (third-party applications error)

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resolve error 523 with JL_CmderJL_Cmder used to resolve Blackberry Curve 8520 Error 523, caused by third-party applications error.

Maybe I should thank my friend who asked me to fix her broken BlackBerry (BB) Curve 8520 with message Error 523. I use her BB for trial and error in using JL_Cmder. Error 523 is caused from an error on third-party applications that cause you can not reach the standby mode. Or going back to white screen after arriving in standby mode.

More about JL_Cmder and download, read article JL_Cmder: BlackBerry service tool software.

Back to the topic, how to quickly fix Error 523 using JL_Cmder?

First step…..

Make sure BB and computer is connected properly. Make sure JL_Cmder work by trying to find out the Device Info (option 1).


Select option 5, Reset to Factory. This will return the BB OS (system) to its original state when you just bought. No contact, SMS, email (deleted)….. as well as variety of applications that have been installed. All erased.

This process takes total time about 15 minutes, and repeated twice. Wait for it to finish and leave the phone connection with a computer. Remember! battery condition can not be empty.

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