Simple and Effective Solution to Automate Your Workflow from SignNow

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Simple and Effective Solution to Automate Your Workflow from SignNow

If you feel that paperwork requires too much time and effort and slows down all the processes in your business, it is high time to use the possibilities that become available thanks to digitalization and technical innovations nowadays. The solution provided by SignNow makes it easy to not only sign documents without the need to print them and wait for others to add a manual signature but also deal with payments, automate workflow, negotiate contracts, and more. Want to know how is it possible? Keep reading the article.

General Facts about SignNow

The SignNow Company created a solution that allows both business people and regular users to make the procedure of adding signatures to documents and official papers easy, prompt, and safe. An electronic signature can be created on the official website of the company after registration, and there is no need to worry about purchasing specific software of looking for a particular device for doing it. SignNow took care that every user could use any gadget available and at hand, with both iOS and Android suitable for working with the app. 

All the signatures created with the help of SignNow are 100% legal. The company’s main concern is the security of all the clients, and compliance with such essential regulations, standards, and acts as PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, and others confirms this important aspect.

Simple and Effective Solution to Automate Your Workflow from SignNow

Moreover, thanks to SignNow, you can work in the airSlate Business Cloud. It allows editing PDFs, building web forms, managing contracts, generating documents, and doing a lot of other essential procedures that will be helpful and fruitful for your business.  

What Is Necessary to Create an E-Signature?

First of all, it is necessary to mention that the electronic signature that you will create will be used for all the documents and papers you will have to sign. Therefore, the very first step is to decide how it will look like since there are several variants to choose from:

  •  Drawing a signature;
  •  Typing a signature;
  •  Uploading an image of the ready signature written by hand.
Simple and Effective Solution to Automate Your Workflow from SignNow

You can do it via any device you have, use, or like, be it a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The operating system installed also does not matter. Everything is properly thought-out to make the user experience as easy and comfortable as it can be. After registration and logging into your account, you will find starter tutorials with all the steps and recommendations carefully explained. No special knowledge or hours of studying and training are necessary.

What Makes SignNow Be Better than Other Similar Services?

SignNow definitely stands out of the crowd since the range of opportunities it provides is much wider than any other similar company can offer. Among its competitors, the most popular and well-known ones are Adobe Sign and DocuSign. However, neither the former nor the latter allows for defining authorized signature types, which is of the utmost importance in case of signing relevant official documents. 

Moreover, advanced threat protection is not available with Adobe Sign, while editing documents before sending is impossible with DocuSign. With Adobe Sign, you will not be able to manage the Invite expiration, and DocuSign does not have an in-built option of communicating via LiveChat in case any issue that requires help or immediate consultation arises. 

SignNow is totally confident in its uniqueness, and you can ensure in it as well with the possibility to compare it with any service you wish (out of 55 available) right on the official website. Besides, a lot of reviews from satisfied customers prove that exceptional results combined with quality and reliable services without overpaying are possible only with SignNow.

Simple and Effective Solution to Automate Your Workflow from SignNow


Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose a suitable plan. The main benefit is that everyone can begin a free trial before paying for the services. Thanks to it, you will be able to examine all the main features and decide which plan will be the best. However, your signature will not be legally binding during this period.

In case your documents require the signatures of no more than 10 people and you would like to have access to a mobile app for convenience, a Business plan that costs only $8 per user/month will be the most suitable. If you run small or close to medium business, a Premium plan for $15 per user/month will be optimal. The owners of large companies and huge corporations will benefit from other subscription programs, with pricing starting from $30 per user per month. However, it is necessary to note that saving up to 60% is possible if paying yearly instead of monthly.

Is SignNow Suitable for Business Owners Only?

Luckily, SignNow takes care of numerous spheres and industries since paperwork is an integral part of any field without exception. Moreover, the company takes into consideration the peculiar features of papers and documents of any type, and the number of templates available proves this fact. Therefore, those who deal with paperwork in the following sectors should not stay aside:

  • Education;
  • Sales;
  • Events;
  • Healthcare;
  • Real Estate;
  • High Tech; 
  • Family/Personal.

As you can see, your life can become so much easier although you could have been unaware of this fact. Signing documents, arranging paperwork, creating and using templates, editing paper, and a lot of other opportunities are available on one single platform. Moreover, you will not be able the same support ever as the one that is available with SignNow. Apart from the help center and the section of FAQs, you can find help in LiveChat, electronic inquiry, or during direct communication with one of the support representatives. 

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