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Chit Chat for Facebook chat is a free software that serves as a Facebook chat client. So you do not need to open Facebook page from the internet browser to do the chat.

Previous I have write article about chatting on Facebook with Pidgin. And now I try to use Chit Chat for Facebook. A Facebook chat client that are freeware and light looks like Yahoo Messenger aplication, so you no need to use internet browser again. You can close your Firefox, Chrome, or else.

Through the buddy list can also be done some other things, such as updating the status and send messages. From the chat window (bottom picture), you can add emoticons to your chat easily. This will increase your chat mood.

Was, I have some things are less fun but this has enhanced on the latest versions:

  • I need to enter the correct username and password several times, is due to network problems or not….. I do not know why.
    —> If you are still experiencing this problem, please go to the Press page.  There you can find a solution.
  • Often typed letter did not seem appropriate because it feels a little jam, whether it is caused by a computer that I use or not.
    —> Believe me, I do not feel it anymore.

Current Chit Chat for Facebook

  • Chit Chat for Facebook chat are Facebook chat client.
    Our Facebook Messaging software enables you to talk with your Facebook friends without having to use your web browser.
  • You can choose your colour, text size and font
    Large pink Comic Sans or small blue Tahoma?
    These are just two ways (out of hundreds of choices!) in which you can customize your Facebook messages.
  • Never Miss A Facebook Message
    Chit Chat provides an audio notification when Facebook chat messages are received & when your Facebook friends login or out.
  • Both notifications can be disabled if you like!
    Is Amy Online? With our popular Facebook Messenger you can see at a glance which of your Facebook friends are online, away or offline
  • Hide Those Messages!  —> I am really like this shortcut 🙂
    The boss is checking up on you? Ctrl + M quickly hides our Facebook chat messenger from your screen. This is just one of 20+ useful shortcuts.
  • Did I Really Say That?
    Chit Chat for Facebook can automatically save your Facebook IMs so that you can check back later and see who said what.
  • Never Miss A Mate
    Your task bar will flash to let you know when a Facebook chat message has been received. “Toasts” will appear above your clock to let you know when your Facebook friends have logged in/out. Both can be disabled if you prefer!
  • Use Facebook Chat At School or Work
    Bypass filters with Chit Chat for Facebook, Chit Chat supports proxy servers.
  • The Lads, Hotties and…the Family
    Our Facebook chat application supports Facebook user groups. See at a glance your colleagues, friends and family sorted by user groups.
  • Tabbed Message Window
    Chit Chat for Facebook supports a tabbed instant message system, making it easier to keep track of your conversations.
  • Join The Crowd
    You’ll automatically be informed when an update to our Facebook chat messenger is available for download.
  • We Speak Your Language
    Chit Chat’s interface can be displayed in English, Dutch, Arabic, Swedish, Albanian, Italian, Serbian, Spanish and Vietnamese.
Probably many of you are asking, Facebook has launched an official chat client. Do Chit Chat will be able to compete?
Honestly I also have that question. But the developers assured me that Chit Chat for Facebook Chat is different.
Our Messenger application offers benefits that the official Facebook product doesn’t provide. For example the status update aggregation, proxy compatibility, short cut keys. Competition enhances innovation, many cool things that we’ve introduced in the past have found their way into Facebook’s official client.

So, are you interested to try and using Chit Chat for Facebook Chat?
Get it from Chit Chat for Facebook Chat official page. Currently are supported BlackBerry device and available web chat version.

Chit Chat for Facebook

Chit Chat for Facebook

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