Facebook chat setting appear offline, but you online actually

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I find the setting to change the direction to import RSS feeds, but I do not found. I found the visibility status of Facebook Chat. So….. you will still appear offline on Facebook Chat while you are online. Like Yahoo Messenger or other instant messenger visibility status.

facebook chat - offline chatSee the picture beside….. but that’s not what I meant. It will make you offline from Facebook Chat.

And now….. see the picture below. Note the option that i fill with green box.


facebook privacy setting - offline chat status

To not to be seen online, uncheck the option If I’m online, and save the change.

online facebook chat

I should appear offline after doing these steps….. but my friends still see me online. I do not know what went wrong.

Few moments later I was online again and I chat with friend. Then look like the picture above warning stating I’m not visible (offline).

Facebook chat client alternative : Chit Chat for Facebook Chat

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