Facebook notification email are not fulfilled my inbox

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You can set Facebook notification email, so it email not fulfilled your email inbox.

I often laughed looking at my friend who check their email inbox fulfilled with Facebook notification email. He was puzzled to find important emails between facebook email notification. This problem is actually very easy to solve, many people do not pay attention for this. There are two ways to solve.

Facebook notification emailThe first is to create a special email to receive facebook notification email. So, the email that you really use do not contain garbage. This is not recommended, see why on article: Secure login for Facebook to avoid piracy.

The second way is to set up Facebook email notifications. With this way you will no need a new email address. In addition you can also arrange activities that will notified to you. To do that, go to the Account Settings and look for Notifications tab.

Facebook notification email

On the right side, you can fill the check box if you want to receive email notification and SMS notification too if you activate Mobile Facebook Alerts.

After setting this notification option, your email inbox will not fulfilled with Facebook notification again.

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