Configure Filezilla for my blog hosting

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This is my personal experience when configure Filezilla to upload the data used to blog hosting. I estimate, using filezilla to upload the data will be more efficient network bandwidth.

Then I tried to install FileZilla…..

filezilla - interface

According to my friend, Net Surfer, fill in the blog domain on the host … cpanel username and password, port 2082, and click quick connect. Your hosting will be directly connected with FileZilla….. but I do not get it. I get the message failed and ask for a connection via ftp. Then I was advised to ask directly to the seller, how the correct settings.

But before….. I am trying to find something related with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) on CPanel and found it.

cpanel - create FTP accountI created a FTP account. Then I put it and fill in FileZilla. Click Quick connect….. and viola….. it’s works.

Now….. no longer need to enter CPanel when uploading files. And with a simple interface, making it very easy to use.

But still it requires a good network connection….. If not, it’s will not get connected.

Official website & download FileZilla – The free FTP solution.

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