FoneTool Professional: Easily transfer data to iPhone 15 [Giveaway]

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The iPhone 15 is already marketed. Some users need to transfer the data from the old iPhone to the new one after purchasing a new iPhone 15.

AOMEI Mbackupper is newly upgraded to AOMEI FoneTool. FoneTool is not only more concise but also feature richer. AOMEI FoneTool can help iPhone users make a seamless transition from old iPhone to iPhone 15. With FoneTool, users can transfer all photos, contacts, messages and more iOS data to the new one at super fast speed with one click. If not all the data is important, they can use Selectively Migrate to transfer part of the data to the new iPhone. In addition, users can backup the new iPhone to PC to provide double protection in case of data loss. Furthermore, users can completely wipe iOS data from old devices for sale without revealing sensitive information or for reusing them as new.

AOMEI FoneTool Features

  • Backup iPhone
    Full Backup, backup everything on iPhone to computer in case any unexpected error. So, you won’t lose your data when data disaster occurs.
    Custom Backup, to save time and storage space. Selectively backup photos, videos, contacts, messages, music to a PC with Custom Backup.
    Photo Backup, only backup iPhone photos. It supports backup Camera Roll, Live photos, Recently Deleted, and so on.
  • Transfer iPhone to PC/iPhone
    FoneTool make these processes easier than ever.
  • Completely Erase iPhone
    Erase iPhone, permanently and easily delete everything on iPhone before selling. It erases media files, settings, app information, etc. to protect personal data from stealing.
    Custom Erase, enables you to delete some photos, videos, contacts, music, etc. from iPhone to free up some storage space.
  • HEIC Converter for Free
    HEIC format is not compatible with Windows. This iOS data manager to convert your HEIC to other formats so you can view and edit them on a PC.
  • Find and Manage Duplicate Photos
    How to effectively manage similar photos. FoneTool can find and delete them on iPhone or PC quickly.

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FoneTool Professional Giveaway

Grab the best iPhone 15 switcher to make iPhone-to-iPhone data migration, backup, wipe in an easy, fast, flexible and complete way. This giveaway runs until December 31, 2023.

AOMEI FoneTool - iPhone contact transfer
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