FotoJet: free online tool for photo editing and design

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FotoJet is free online collage maker, graphic designer and photo editor where you can turn your photos into amazing works of art in minutes! It’s developed by PearlMountain Technology Co., Ltd, a dedicated graphics software developer founded in 2006. We have do giveaway cooperation¬†several times.

I have try FotoJet to make photo collage, Twitter header image and doing simple photo editing. Below you can see the sample of using it. Like they said, “…turn your photos into amazing works of art in minutes!”, so they already serve many template (600+ stunning collage templates), clipart, font type, and many more. You just need grab and put the resources.

On my photo editing test, I trying to change the focus with using Blur Images featured, especially the Radial Blur.
Radial blur allows you focus on a specific part of your photo in circle. You can change the blur area and shape by adjusting the outer circle. if you enlarge or shrink the inner circle, you are changing the area of photo that will keep sharp and the distance between inner circle and outer circle! Once you decide the blur and sharp area.

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FotoJet - twitter header image

FotoJet - edit foto

FotoJet - photo collage

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