5 Free or Cheap Crypto Apps for Android and iPhones

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Cryptocurrency apps help to bring everything cryptocurrency closer to you, so you can do everything from seeing what is going on in the cryptocurrency market to trading your digital assets on the go. So,we have rounded up the top 5 cheap and free cryptocurrency apps thatyou can download for your Android and iPhones.


Coinbase is known as one of the world’s most prominent platforms to exchange cryptocurrencies. It is the first choice when it comes to crypto investors that want to trade Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other rising digital currencies. The app itself is completely free and compatible with both Android and iPhones, and it allows users to buy and sell their crypto assets and monitor the market. Many users have expressed concerns regarding the high fees associated with trading on the app, but that hasn’t changed the fact Coinbase still remains the best cryptotrading app.

CryptoTrax – Coin Portfolio

CoinTrax is a cryptocurrency wallet that has been created to help you manage what you do with your crypto assets. All you need to do is insert the data around your transactions into CryptoTrax and it will allow you to monitor the value of your assets in real time, including prospective profits or loses. Additionally, the app includes a price alert that informs you when crypto prices rise or drop to a certain threshold, so you can make more informedchoicesinvolving your holdings. 

5 Free or Cheap Crypto Apps for Android and iPhones


BitWorth is a non-wallet app that has been praised for its fantastic ease of use and its impressive clear user interface. Setting things up is extremely easy – simply input the value of your cryptocurrency, and the app will track current prices and give you a real-time view of your investment. However, this simple but effective app lacks some key features like price alerts. The app is mainly for a niche of crypto investors who just want their prices. It is only available on iOS.

Enjin Wallet

Enjin Wallet is an app that has been developed by the same enterprise that releasedEnjin Coin, the firstcryptocurrency platform for gaming. The two entities not only complement each other, but the app also features most of the other main cryptocurrencies. One of the app’s best features is its tight security, and it comes even offers the option to use a safe keyboard by Enjin and unique randomised keys. If you somehow don’t know where your wallet is, you can recover your EnjinWallet on a different device by writing 12 words on a note and scanning your handwriting using the app. It is only compatible with Android devices. 

5 Free or Cheap Crypto Apps for Android and iPhones

BTC.com – Bitcoin Wallet

Another extremely popular bitcoin trading app by a world known developer that is free isBTC.com’s wallet with rigidsafety, friendly design, and appealing transfer fees. The app is anexcellent for both new and old bitcoin traders, as it has a variety of specific features but at the same time it is beginner friendly. If you would like to learn more about exchanging crypto currency, visit satoshipoint.io.

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