Free DVD Ripper for Mac

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Not only for Windows, there are several free DVD ripper for Mac.

If you are looking for a high-quality and, simultaneously, free DVD ripping software, you won’t come across a tremendous choice. Thus, in this article we will consider three of the most popular free dvd ripper for Mac. They are as follows: MacX DVD Ripper Free Edition, HandBrake and MacTheRipper. Certainly, their main advantage is the expected ripping quality along with free of charge provision. Below, we will briefly review these software programs for you to better understand their basic features.

  1. MacX DVD Ripper Free Edition
    Being a simple and all-in-all tool used for making DVD backup and ripping to MPEG, MOV, FLV, iTunes, MOV, MP4. The program is considered easy to use and understand even for ignorant people. Default settings allow completing the ripping procedure in few clicks. Actually, it is very convenient and fast. One of the most specific features is the possibility to rip DVDs with copy protection. Moreover, the ripping speed is high enough to provide excellent image and sound quality. If desired, you may extract audio files from DVDs and enjoy them in your iPhone. Having downloaded this app you will be able to benefit from advanced features (subtitle processing, size setting, video segment clipping) to prepare good video. [Related]MacX DVD Ripper Free Edition
  2. HandBrake
    In fact, it is the most wide spread free DVD ripper and converter now. No wonder, the pros of this app are obvious. First of all, HandBrake can convert ready audio and video files from one format into another. Then, the developers implemented the functionality to process the following formats: MKV, MP4, H.264, AAC, CoreAudio, MP3, DTS, MPEG for your iPhone, iPod, PSP, iPad, Apple TV. At conversion, a user can set up the output file quality, manage subtitles, choose chapters’ markers, zoom images, cut pictures, change bitrate etc. But there is more to come. HandBrake is an open source application with the implemented batch video conversion option. Website.HandBrake - free dvd ripper for mac
  3. MacTheRipper
    MacTheRipper is a perfect free application for those users, who just want to copy DVD to a hard drive with all quality intact and without copy and region protections. In addition, using settings you may select what particularly should be extracted: a whole disk, a particular episode, or just a title. Unfortunately, there is no option of encoding rips into other formats. But it should be mentioned that MacTheRipper can be used if you want to prepare content for conversion into another format with another programs.
    MacTheRipper - free dvd rip for mac

In conclusion…..

We would like to mention that no matter which program you prefer, the long and the short of all considered applications is the possibility to make high quality rips promptly and efficiently. In reality the general procedure consists of only several steps. Frequently, they are common:

  • to download, install, and launch the program;
  • to add the required video or audio files;
  • to select the desires format (output format);
  • to state the path where you want to save the output files;
  • to click Start button and wait for the desired result.

Guest post from David Ritchie, thank you.

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