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BlazeVideo VideoFlick is a smart but powerful tool that helps you edit your video and images and share them with your family and friends in various formats.

With BlazeVideo VideoFlick, you can make snapshots from your videos, and create movies by adding your desired titles and credits. With BlazeVideo VideoFlick you can share your videos and images by creating greeting cards, uploading them to most popular websites, sending them as email attachments, or creating html album.

Many things you can do with BlazeVideo VideoFlick:

  • Resize your photos into your favorite size
    Crop the unnecessary part of the original photo to make it more beautiful.
  • Easy and Enhanced Photo Fixs
    Manually adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, blur and sharp.
    Remove red-eye with one click
    Merge Photo collection. Merge several photos together adds transition between two pictures for
  • Snapshot Video
    VideoFlick extracts every single frame from video, so you can capture the perfect shot from videos.
  • Crop the Imperfect Video
    Crop the original video to the proper field you want. Now you can crop the video black side and make your favorite videos is too large to perfectly play on your iPod, iPad, PSP, MP3/MP4 player, Mobile Phone, etc.
  • Add Watermark Anywhere onto Original Video
    Add watermark to your video to protect your copyright, add comments, timestamps and other your copyright.
  • Merge Video Clips with Your Own Title and Credits
    VideoFlick allows you to merge several video clips together with your own personalized title and credits screen.
  • Clip Segment from a Video
    Clip your favorite sections of a video and merge them together at your own taste.
  • Decorate Your Video with A Greetingcard
    We’ve all sent and received paper greeting cards, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, why not send your holiday or birthday greetings in a video instead?

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BlazeVideo VideoFlick Mother’s Day Giveaway

On the next 8 days, you can get BlazeVideo VideoFlick free of charge. Visit this page, then submit your email there. In a moment, $29.95 license code worth will arrive in your inbox. If you’re late to participate, you can get discount for the purchase of this product by following the steps below.

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BlazeVideo VideoFlick

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