Free Oculus Rift Data Migration Tool, Oculus Mover

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Oculus Mover 2.0 is free Oculus Rift data migration tool which can be upgraded edition of vrBackupper.

Last year, AOMEI Technology released a software called vrBackupper. From its name, it is easy to understand that it is a software related to virtual reality. Yes, vrBackupper is an assistant of Oculus Rift. Although Facebook Oculus Rift is a famous VR device. It has some limits, such as don’t have official backup app, can’t installed in non-system partition, etc. vrBackupper is a third party backup software of Oculus Rift and can move Oculus installation directory to a new place. However, vrBackupper has limitation too, vrBackupper 1.0 only supports Windows 10 64 bit.

Last month of this year, AOMEI company released a new software called Oculus Mover 2.0 that is free Oculus Rift data migration tool which can be upgraded edition of vrBackupper because it supports more operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8 and Windows 7 (32/64 bit). Oculus Mover is a freeware as well. How to use Oculus Mover? Download it, install and open. It has only one interface as following picture shows. The program has already detected Oculus installation directory folder’s source location.

Free Oculus Rift Data Migration Tool, Oculus Mover

What you need to do is deciding the destination – target location. Even external hard disk is OK, but you can’t change the drive label once connected to the computer. Then click Start Move to continue.

Free Oculus Rift Data Migration Tool, Oculus Mover

This free Oculus Rift data migration tool makes sure that your Oculus Rift apps will run normally as before after migration. You see, the window of Oculus Mover is very clear. Almost no additional buttons. The top right dropdown menu has nothing, only a About box. We like such tool, easily understanding by first glance.

With the help of Oculus Mover, don’t worry about full space any more. Oculus Mover could help you move Oculus data from traditional system partition to another partition to get more free volume, you are able to install more apps to enjoy your VR experience. Oculus Mover solves the Oculus users’ headache of lacking disk space.

In summary, Oculus Mover is a good helper. But if you want to backup Oculus files, you should use it together with vrBackupper. Or try all-in-one computer backup software – AOMEI Backupper. Only plan to migrate Oculus to another partition, Oculus Mover is enough.


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