MacX iPhone Mounter: giveaway for Mac OS users

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MacX iPhone Mounter is software that useful to bridge Apple product with computer system and is not limited to the iPhone, also supports the iPad and iPod.

MacX iPhone Mounter supports transfer iPod, iPad, iPhone video, music, movie, TV show, photos, ebook (including iTunes purchased files, photos and videos shot by iPhone) to Mac, and vice versa. You are the current Facebook user can get free license of MacX iPhone Mounter until just before February 2012. So, take advantage of the opportunity with well.

macx iphone mounter

To get iPhone MacX Mounter with free, you must go to Facebook giveaway page first. It’s mean you must have Facebook account. There can be found the next clue.

Need help on how to use the iPhone MacX Mounter, Apple products are supported, and other information useful? Go to iPhone MacX Mounter help page.

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